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AviationEU Supplies & Services has developed co-operations with over 400 manufacturers/respective distributors worlwide and offers an extensive range of materials, products and services for aviation and industrial applications to customers in Greece, the European Union and third (non EU) countries. In addition, our own extensive, quality, competitively priced product portfolio, branded as AVIATIONEU NEW ERA, provides cost effective solutions for customer needs. For more information please refer to the respective link in the Main menu.

Placement and processing of orders for most of our products and services is implemented through our Web Platform for Supplies (ecommerce.aviationeu.supplies)  providing customers and prospective buyers with detailed product information, documentation and reference prices in support of their decision making. Orders are mostly fulfilled by AviationEU Supplies & Services while those involving software upgrades and training products or services by AviationEU Training Systems & Services

Please use the links included in the Side menu for more information on supplies or visit our web platform. For a series of articles and other information on our offered product portfolio you can refer to the Reference Library section using the respective link in the Main menu.

Offered products and services are structured in categories listed below.

Aircraft Acquisition (aircraft lease or buy programs)
Aircraft Parts
Aircraft Engines and Propellers
Avionics, Engine and Flight Instruments
Upgrades of Navigation Databases (fullfiled by AviationEU Training Systems & Services)
Automotive Supplies 
Consumables and Tools
Electric Motors and Parts
Electric, Electronic and Electro-mechanical Supplies
Emergency Equipment
Flight Simulation Systems & other Pilot Training Devices (fullfiled by AviationEU Training Systems & Services)
General Aviation and Pilot Supplies
Imaging and Vision Systems
Industrial Supplies
Metal and Composite Materials
Modelling Products (Engines,Propellers and Parts)
Sensors, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and Measuring Systems

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