AviationEU NEW ERA Product Range


AVIATIONEU NEW ERA is an AviationEU Group brand used for a wide range of materials and products marketed and sold by AviationEU Group companies. Initially established as a brand of AviationEU Supplies & Services it is intended for use also in other products and services offered by AviationEU Training Systems & Services.

The scope of developing our own branded product lines is to provide our existing and prospective customers with cost-effective alternatives for their applications.

AVIATIONEU NEW ERA is a multi-product brand covering a wide range of different materials and products (from metals and fasteners to avionics, hand tools and MRO equipment). The philosophy behind AVIATIONEU NEW ERA product lines is based on the following general principles:

- intended for use in multiple sectors (aviation, automotive, marine, construction and others),

- provide cost-effective alternatives to the brands of other manufacturers/producers for respective or similar materials and products. In most cases, buyers can benefit from either more advanced products or higher quantities of materials offered for the same price. 

- equal or sometimes higher quality compared with other brands. Sourced from certified manufacturers/producers in many different countries, AVIATIONEU NEW ERA materials/producs meet internationally accepted specifications and standards clearly stated in the respective product presentations,

- come in different options. Such options depend on the material/product offered each time. For example, our ANR and PNR aviation headsets are offered in different colors while our ultra-light carbon fiber headsets with additional capabilities such as bluetooth. In the case of fasteners, these can be offered in convenient economy packages,

-combined with other benefits. Such benefits depend on the material/product offered each time but generally include free or reduced shipping charges,

-actively promoted. Our own branded materials and products are listed as featured items at the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies and participate in our promotional programs.

Indicative AVIATIONEU NEW ERA Product Lines

• Fasteners & Hardware

• Metals & Composite Products

• Electric & Electronic Supplies

• Consumables

• Tools & MRO Equipment

• Aviation Headsets

• Automotive Supplies

• Other Aviation/Industrial Supplies

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