AviationEU Group Customer Services


Inquiries for additional information/clarifications regarding our offered product portfolio, pricing, discounts, terms of sale, shipping/delivery options or any other customer support needs are received centrally and processed by AviationEU Group sales and customer support team. Inquiries may be submitted through phone, email (sales@aviationeu.supplies) or the whatsapp chat and web contact form integrated in the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies.

The policy of AviationEU Group companies is to provide any possible assistance to existing and prospective customers in the selection of the right products or services for their intended applications/projects. This is implemented in different ways depending on the offered product or service including short product/service descriptions, specifications and/or other published documents from the respective manufacturers/service providers included in the Web Platform. Furthermore, articles prepared by our AviationEU Group team are published at the Reference Library sections of the respective company sites. If such information is not enough, our support team is ready to seek and provide any additional information needed.

In the case of materials or products, sometimes they may not be listed in the Web Platform.This happens due to the priority in our listings placed on items most frequently demanded. Prospective buyers are encouraged to contact us with their RFQ. Most often, an offer for their interested marerials/products or suitable alternatives can be provided.

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