AviationEU Group Order Quantities

Through the AviationEU Web Platform for Supplies both small and high value orders from various customers are being served.Inevitable high shipping and other costs associated with separate ordering and shipping procedures of certain materials or products necessitate the adoption of Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), namely the minimum quantities required for processing an order. 

MOQs are used with caution by AviationEU Group companies entrusted with order fullfilment and apply ONLY in the cases when NO OTHER products/ materials sourced from the same supplier are included IN A SINGLE CUSTOMER ORDER. In other words, if ordered items and respective quantities can be sourced from a single supplier, our sales team always try to fulfill customer needs without applying MOQs other than those sometimes applied by the suppliers themselves. In other cases, where MOQs need to be applied, they are clearly indicated in the AviationEU Web Platform or the Offers/Proforma Invoices of the AviationEU Group order fullfilment company so that the customers are aware of the MOQs applied to their order items.

The determination of the application of MOQs or not requires an complex internal control by our sales personnel which cannot be integrated in the checkout process of AviationEU Web Platform. Therefore, the MOQ appearing in the platform for each offered material or product is the MOQ adopted for this material or product as if this was the only item included in the order. Platform users cannot set the order quantity value below the specified MOQ. Therefore, in the case of RFQs with multiple items it is strongly recommended that these are sent for review by our sales team to keep order quantities as close as possible to those demanded by the customer, whenever feasible.

Minimum Quantities for Discounts (MDQs) are the minimum quantities required before product (also termed as volume or bulk) discounts can be applied. In simple words, if the demanded quantity of a certain item IN A SINGLE ORDER is higher than its specified MDQ, then a discount is applied on the net value of this item.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) and Minimum Quantities for Discounts (MDQs) BOTH relate to the Unit of Measurement (MOU) of the corresponding offered item. Like MOQs, MDQs also appear in the platform enabling platform users to know in advance the price, minimum quantity requirements and discounted prices based on MDQs before ordering.

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